Welcome to Step By Step! 

Step By Step is your community mental health agency serving Central Ohio and the surrounding areas.  We are pleased to offer a variety of services designed to support the ongoing needs of our community.  Step By Step offers customized and integrated care that combines behavioral counseling and therapy, pharmacological management, center-based educational service, speech therapy and other mental health services under one umbrella to help our consumers across all ages to achieve the best outcomes in school, home and work.

  Services Offered:

  • Psychological Assessment and Diagnostic Services
  • Psychiatric Medication Services
  • Outpatient Behavioral Clinic, offering Individual, Group, Family and Marriage Counseling
  • Center-Based Intensive Behavioral Intervention Treatment Services
  • Center-Based Educational Services through the Autism Scholarship Program
  • Speech Services
  • Adult Services
  • Outreach Support (Home and Community)
  • Parent Advocacy Services
  • Parent and Professional Trainings and Workshops
  • Case Management Services
  • Early Intervention Services




Step By Step offers the community many mental health services to individuals of all ages. See if the services and programs we offer might benefit you or a loved one.


If you would like to schedule a tour or request more information to see if Step By Step is a good fit for you, fill out our contact form.